Friday, May 04, 2007

Back From The Dead

Damn, it's been along time. Amazing how time zips along. But, enough of my feeble excuses.

No film reviews this time around. Just an announcement that the blog is NOT dead. Films have been stockpiled. Information sniffed out. And money spent. God knows how much money has been spent!

Okay, recent titles salvaged from the bargain bins:

Psychomania -- A strange British film with motorcycles, black magic and undead bikers. In other words, a must watch.

Mansion Of The Doomed -- A sickie with some big names. Well, big names if you are at least 35 years old or are a diehard fan of films made before Quentin Tarentino. A doctor, eye surgeries and people in cages!

House Of Seven Corpses -- Nathaniel Hawthrone is spinning in his grave over this title. Another horror film from the 70s with fading film stars playing fading film stars making a horror film. Kinda like standing between two mirrors and watching your reflection repeat itself into infinity, which is how long this film seems to last. But you get a cat ripped in half, so it gets a thumbs up from the folks at PETA.

Okay, that's enough. We'll cover these and others in more depth. Plus, check out the good folks over at Yeah, yeah, I'm promoting a crap film site on my crap film site. The gent who runs this site has done wonders with it. You'll spend hours just reading the forum postings. Which is more time than you'll spend here. Just go. Like your insecure girlfriend, I'll still be here, if you decide to come back.