Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Opening the Door

Hello. This is just an introduction to what we are doing here. Sort of a handshake before the serious business begins. I just want you to know what you are letting yourself in for. It is only fair, you know. You never hand a loaded gun to someone with the safety off.

You see, we here at Bargain Basement Thrills love movies. No, no, nothing with Julia Roberts or Brad Pitt. If you are hoping for something of that nature, then you have wandered too far from the "New Release" section of your favorite video store. Here, we lean more towards the lesser films. Oh, hell, we LOVE crap! Why be coy about it? Snooze-inducing, boom mike displaying, actors as bad as your brain-damaged cousin, pointless storyline crap. The stuff your mother would slap you for watching.

We have low standards. What was that? Why, yes, we do have standards. Okay, we have basically one. The stuff has to be cheap. By that, we don't really mean cheaply made, though that does tend to be the case most of the time. No, we are looking for the stuff where you can score a DVD for less than the cost of a double cheeseburger at most fast food places. Face it, times are getting rough, and entertainment CAN be had as cheaply as pouring a bucket of water on the sidewalk outside the front door of a nursing home in the dead of winter. (We don't condone that behavior, and use that example for humor purposes only. Anyone sick enough to actually do that deserves to have their own hip shattered.) So, basically, our flicks have to be as inexpensive as possible.

We will begin our examination of the world of cheap thrills with the Chilling Classics 50 Movie Megapack from Mill Creek Entertainment ( They were kind enough to grant us permission to use the image from their products. Great people. Dirt-cheap DVDs. The 50 pack you see above can be had as cheap as $19.99 from Best Buy. We don't do math here, but that works out to around 40 cents per movie. Go buy this thing.

Now, we agree the price is great. But are we here to tell you about prices? Not really. We intend to watch the movies on this set and give you the run down on these flicks. Sure, some of them are golden oldies that you've seen enough to make you scream, but there are some great weird little gems hiding on this (and other multi-disc collections). We'll cover them all. Some will get a quick mention. Others, we will do some digging. We may even redirect your attention to our sister site ( if we can track down a director or actor from one of these films and do a short interview.

Prepare yourself. The door is open. The scent of cheesy films floats on the breeze. Is that a freak with a severed head? Yes. Yes, it is. Thank goodness for simple pleasures, eh?

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